Shift to Healthy Food Habits – Avoid Stomach and Colon Cancer

In today’s world, people have adapted to the consumption of such type of food that it has laid an adverse effect in their lives. This change in lifestyle and food habit which is so very dependent on fast food and junk food affects their health in some way or the other. Globalization has brought about a serious impact on the eating habits of today’s generation. They seem to be really attracted to the high-calorie fancy food items and processed food. This leads to various health issues like obesity, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, cardiac problems and at times even cancer. The urban population is more at risk of these chronic diseases as they are more exposed to these unhealthy lifestyles and food. This global issue of consuming an unhealthy diet on a regular basis needs to be checked and people should be educated about the advantage of adopting healthy eating habits and better living.

Symptoms of stomach cancer
Stomach cancer is one of the worse effects of following unhealthy food habits and lifestyle. It has been noted that in most cases, early-stage stomach cancer shows no symptoms at all. In the remaining cases, the patients mistake the symptoms for a common stomach virus. Since the symptoms of stomach cancer are not very apparent, the disease easily reaches the advanced stage before any diagnosis is made. Some of the common symptoms of this cancer are heartburn, nausea and vomiting, stomach pain, unexplained weight loss, indigestion, feeling full, etc.

Symptoms of colon cancer
In many cases of colon cancer also, no symptoms or signs are noted until cancer reaches the advanced stage. Some of the symptoms that may indicate chances of colon cancer are hemorrhoids, infection, IBD, abdominal pain, changes in bowel habits, blood in the stool, unexplained anemia, unexplained weight loss, vomiting, etc

Is curing stage 4 cancer possible?

In stage 4, like all other types, even stomach cancer is known to spread to the other distant organs and therefore a cure is usually not possible. Chemotherapy or radiation can help in shrinking the cancer cells, give some relief and extend the life of the patient but not cure the condition.

Similarly, stage 4 colon cancer is also not considered as curable. In most people, it can definitely be treated. Under treatment, some people with stage 4 colon cancer can even live for months and sometimes even years.

Dendritic Cell Therapy
Dendritic cell (DC) is a powerful antigen-presenting cell that play a vital role in the stimulation of antitumor immune responses.

In case, of human malignancies, a large number of trials using DCs are still on their way. Present survey says DCs are widely used in gastric i.e. stomach cancer therapy.

Several strategies have been used for providing antigens to DCs and then used in case of clinical trials of cancer patients that also include colorectal cancer (CRC). Most of the reports specify that the use of DC-based immunotherapy in case of these CRC patients seems to be promising.


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