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We offer the best there is but most importantly in a set up that is at par with the major oncology treatment centers of the world – all this at a fraction of the cost.

Dedritic cell therapy at rbnb Healthcaree

Dendritic Cell Therapy

Biological therapy that uses substances made from living organisms to treat cancer

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Stereotactic Radiotherapy

Radiation therapy which uses high energy rays to target precise areas and destroy cancer cells in the body

Robotic Surgery at RBNB Healthcare

Robotic Cancer Surgery

It allows surgeons to perform many types of cancer procedures with more precision

The importance of getting the best quality of healthcare when it comes to Oncology cannot be understated as it can often make the difference between life and death.

The form of treatment in Cancer makes the most difference on both the success rate of the treatment, as well as the recovery rate and side effects afterwards. Treatments such as Radiotherapy can cause patients to experience a variety of side-effects since radiation is lethal. Apart from this, forms of Surgery to remove cancer can alter the patient’s life in a permanent manner.

At the same time, Chemotherapy – which is considered to be the safest form of Cancer treatment can cause patients to react badly to the treatment, and in higher stages of cancer it becomes almost ineffective. This makes the body succumb to cancer without any help. The cost factor of the Cancer treatment also severely affects the patient’s ability to get treatment in matters of financial constraint.

At RBNB, we offer the best healthcare facility of oncology patients at a fraction of the cost of most other cancer centers around the world. Or Dendritic cell therapy is incredibly successful at boosting the patients’ immune system to cure them of cancer in a natural and highly effective manner. Our treatment success rate is very high for even Stage 4 patients, and works without leaving any permanent side effects on the patients.

This helps allow for a much more streamlined and affordable oncology healthcare service for all, and helps us in our goal of eliminating this dreadful disease.