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India as a destination for Medical Tourism !

India is a jewel not only cradling the oldest culture but fast emerging as a global economy. The multicultural, multilingual and diverse environment of this country has always been an attraction for the whole world. It has the snow capped Himalayas crowning its North and the Indian Ocean kissing its South.


India has been the land of knowledge and a front runner in ground breaking concepts since time immemorial and is filled with the best human brains in the world. It has established itself as a hub of high end hospitals with world class medical facilities. India is now, among the top five medical tourism destinations of the world. The continuous pursuit in the field of healthcare research is driving the Indian health professional towards excellence.


Till a few years back, Indian patients would go to other countries like America, U.K etc for their treatment, but lately India has started receiving patients from far off nations. Medical tourism has gained a huge foot hold. The shift has been seen because the hospitals now have world class equipments and exemplary doctors and staff. The Government has raised the annual healthcare expenditure, in order to cater to the local as well as the international patients. 


With the increasing number of state of art hospitals, the patients get appointments timely. They don’t have to wait for weeks to get the first consult. The cost of consult, subsequent tests and procedures is quite nominal as compared to the world’s finest institutions. The budget-friendly living cost in India also provides an edge. All the major cities of the world have connectivity to this South Asian country.


There are approximately 30,000 hospitals, both big and small, Government and private, comprising of doctors and specialists in various fields like Oncology, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Orthopedics and many more. The economy of India continues to be rising and this translates automatically to enhanced medical education and facilities. The country that gave Charak’s Ayurveda to the world is now a centre of high end medical care.