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Oncology Outpatient Services

Whenever a person sees any troublesome signs and feels uncomfortable symptoms, pertaining to his body, he rushes towards the hospitals expecting to be relieved immediately. On top of it if the diagnosis is heading towards malignancy, the emotional upheaval in the family is palpable.
We understand the mental status of a cancer patient and his family as We Care. Keeping this in mind we have a very patient friendly Out Patient Department, providing multitude of outpatient services. These services include:-

  • OPD Consultation in various departments viz a viz Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, other departments like Neurology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology and many others which may be needed for the patient treatment.
  • Diagnostic Services which include Lab Services (pathology, microbiology and biochemistry) and Radiology Services inclusive of various imaging procedures. Except a few interventional tests like scan guided biopsies etc which need the patient to be admitted, all others can be performed in a few minutes.
  • Supportive Services like Psychological consults, patient and family counseling and rehabilitation are all easily available in our outpatient department.

We provide patients with enhanced physical comfort which significantly improves their psychological wellbeing.

The services are individualized to meet needs of each patient and family in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Patients keep in constant touch with their oncologists, physicians and other support staff and are provided dedicated care. For this the patient gets an early appointment at the reception and is guided to respective departments accompanied by a very supportive staff member.

The process of our cancer treatment is also dosed with a ton of compassion from both – our hospital staff and the medical team. This ensures a much more comfortable recovery period for treated patients, and round the clock support for patients undergoing treatment. While our dendritic cell therapy, robotic surgery, and other methods are generally more affordable than other Oncology centers with similar treatments, we have still made it a mission to make the healthcare available to those in need irrespective of their financial situation. Therefore, we partner up to offer you financial aid if the need arises.