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Day Care Services In Hospital

We have a high end Day Care Centre for the patients who are not required to stay overnight at the hospital and are advised short therapies and procedures. There are many benefits of a day care treatment.

  • Patients are provided treatment during the day time and are free to go home the same day.
  • A personal medical oncologist along with dedicated technicians and nurses supervise the progress of patients’ treatment throughout their stay at the hospital.
  • Patient is provided Chemotherapy, Line Care, Blood Product Support, infusion of intravenous fluids and Antibiotics.
  • Day Care treatment is economical as patients do not need beds and can be treated on a couch or in a lounge while they read, watch television or surf mobile applications.
  • A separate admission counter for daycare patients saves them from the hassle of waiting in queue with other patients.

The patient is all important to us and his/her care is paramount.