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Cancer Care Services

Compassion being the heart of our team, you can trust us to plan a treatment especially tailor made for you.

oncology inpaitient services

Oncology Inpatient Services

Dealing with cancer is an arduous task. So we have made sure that our inpatient oncology unit provides complete medical and emotional support to the patients and their families...

day care center

Day Care Centre

We have a high end Day Care Centre for the patients who are not required to stay overnight at the hospital and are advised short therapies and procedures...

pet scan

Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology is a ubiquitous feature of oncology. It is one of the three primary specialities involved in the treatment of cancer...

Operation Theatre rbnb healthcare

Oncology Surgery

Our single guiding principle is to achieve minimal morbidity and least mortality. Our faculty of Surgical Oncology is grouped according to the area of...



We have our eyes on and for you. Diagnostics is the most crucial and complex stage in the detection of cancer and its management. We have a team of dedicated professionals...

oncology outpaitient services

Oncology Outpatient Services​

Whenever a person sees any troublesome signs and feels uncomfortable symptoms, pertaining to his body, he rushes towards the hospitals expecting to be...

Cancer treatment is not an easy or simple process to carry out no matter which method you choose. However, with our superior oncology services, we ensure that it stays simple for you. The reason behind the caring practices employed in our Oncology Center is the fact that it is meant to help you heal faster than most others with a little help from our compassionate staff.

Our dendritic cell therapy used a method that boosts your very own internal immune system to be able to fight off the dreadful disease and achieve a cure in a short amount of time.

This also ensures that you will not have to give up on the things you love for long since the recovery time after our therapy is very short when compared to other cancer treatment practices.

We have also made the process much simpler with the help of advanced surgery tools such as Robotic Surgery.