Breast Cancer Treatment Hospital in India

Cancer happens when a few changes take place in regulating cell growth genes. These changes in the calls are also called a mutation. This mutation divides the cell and multiplies in an uncontrollable way. Breast cancer, the name suggests that it is that cancer that develops in the breast cells or it may form in either the lobules or the duct of the breast. It is believed that skin cancer is the most common cancer which is diagnosed in women and breast cancer is the second common cancer that is diagnosed in women in the world.

The signs and symptoms of breast cancer include – 

  • a lump in the breast, 
  • change in the shape of the breast, 
  • a visible dimple of the skin, 
  • fluid coming from the nipple, 
  • a newly-inverted nibble, 
  • or red and the scaly patch of the skin. 

There are several risk factors for the development of breast cancer –

  • first of all, this occurs in females, this has been seen that out of 8 women in the world, one woman is suffering from cancer, 
  • obesity is another reason for having breast cancer, 
  • lack of physical exercise, 
  • alcohol addiction, 
  • hormone replacement therapy during menopause,
  •  ionizing radiation, 
  • early age at first menstruation, 
  • having children late in life or not having children, 
  • old age 
  • or having any prior history of breast cancer or a family history of breast cancer. 


WHY RBNB Healthcare?

RBNB Healthcare has a team of experts and dedicated professionals who aim for the cancer-free world. They provide clinically consultancy, screening, and treatment for the patients. 

RBNB Healthcare has superior oncology services. They ensure that it stays simple for the patients. They provide extra care for the patients so that it will help them to heal faster than most of the others. They have a team of compassionate oncologists and other staff who make sure that cancer will not break the patient down and help them to boost up, along with this they also provide financial support to the patients. RBNB Healthcare is the breast Cancer Specialist hospital in India, they provide a patient with the kind of support and also to the international patients. They provide services in the fields of ticketing, tour operations, hotel bookings, accommodation as well as a conveyance to the inbound tourists/foreign visitors. As you decide to make the trip to our center for a consultation, we will provide you with a budget estimate of the treatment to help you reach a decision. International Patients just have to submit a summary of the ongoing treatment plans and latest body scans. Timely diagnosis is very precious in oncology and RBNB Healthcare makes sure that the patient will benefit from the treatment before setting an appointment at our center.

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