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When Should You Get Cancer Screening?

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Cancer Screening is an important part of prevention of the disease. This can involve one or several tests depending on the kind of cancer you are getting screened for. The importance of screening is that it can help identify and locate several types of cancers including cervical, colorectal, breast, and lung cancer at an early stage which significantly boosts the success probability and speed of the treatment. Some of these tests such as the kinds for lung cancer are conducted on individuals with a high risk factor such as smoking or living in a region with extreme pollution. Since screening is an important step for cancer prevention, getting it done regularly at the best cancer hospital in Chandigarh is essential. Yet you also don’t want to overdo it. To help you figure out the right timings for Cancer tests, here are some guidelines:

Men – Age 21 to 39

Men between this age group should focus on regular testing for colon cancer as this has been shown to be prone. The frequency of screening will be determined by your oncologist after looking at your family history and considering other factors.

Men – Age 40 and older

Men in these age groups should start getting screened regularly for lung, and prostate cancer along with the previously mentioned colon cancer as these begin to frequent individuals in these ages. While lung cancer tests depend on whether you have a history with smoking or not. This is what will majorly impact your screening frequencies.

Women – Age 21 to 49

Women in this age group should focus on three screening tests which may be frequent if they do not have a healthy lifestyle or a family history with cancer. A mammogram is recommended every two years, while cervical cancer and colon cancer testing is not normally required unless suggested by the oncologist.

Women – Age 50 and older

After the age of 50, women with a history of smoking should talk to their oncologist about screening for lung cancer as well apart from the aforementioned tests. This is also recommended for those who live in places with extreme pollution levels.

As you can see, there is a clearly defined system for oncology screening and you can follow it to ensure a healthy and cancer free life.

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