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Best Cancer Hospital in Chandigarh

Technology Driven and Affordable.

Cancer Hospital in Chandigarh – We are a team of Medical Oncology healthcare professionals in the field of Cancer Care for more than two decades. We specialize in providing highly skilled modalities for national and international patients of cancer; these modalities include Cancer Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy and Hormonal Therapy. We are well supported by Surgical and Radiation Oncology Team.

We provide latest and most innovative therapies in the form of Dendritic Cell Therapy, Minimal access and Robotic Surgery as well as Stereotactic, VMAT and other Radiation Therapies. We provide clinical consultancy, screening & selection of patients who will benefit from these modern therapies not freely available everywhere. Patients with advance and stage 4 cancers like Ovarian, Lung, Colon, Rectum, Breast, Brain, Pancreatic and Head Neck specially benefit from Dendritic cell immunotherapies.

Our therapy practices are meant to help patients improve their health conditions sooner than they would with other forms of treatment. This is why RBNB healthcare has shown such a high success rates in various forms and stages of cancer.

Our dendritic cell immunotherapy method is a revolutionary form of cancer treatment which helps patients fight the cancer with their own immune system. This also helps in preventing damage to the patient’s body in cases of damage and helps them to recover faster without any long term side effects. The advance procedures we follow makes us the best cancer hospital in Chandigarh.

Our cancer screening helps to detect the source of the disease much before it begins to spread and worsen. This can significantly boost the success rate of the patient’s cure.

Therefore, it is important to get screened for various forms of cancer regularly as many of them do not show systems until the third stage. This is what makes things worsen and makes them feel heavily damaged. Our screening techniques can even detect the cancer during the first stage which makes them so incredibly useful in saving the lives of our patients early on.

Our techniques have shown success in various nations and have now been brought to India in Chandigarh. Moreover, the innovative practices such as Robotic Surgery have made tumor removal even safer than it used to be.

Specialised Services for International Patient

Focus is to provide the latest, not too readily available treatment modalities at affordable cost

biological therapy that uses substances made from living organisms to treat cancer

radiation therapy which uses high energy rays to target precise areas and destroy cancer cells in the body

it allows surgeons to perform many types of cancer procedures with more precision

Meet The Experts

Dr. Rajeev Bedi, MD, DM
Dr. Rajeev Bedi, MD, DM
Director Oncology
He is the senior consultant & head of Department of Medical Oncology & Hemato Oncology. He has done his DM from AIIMS and has 15 years of experience in Medical Oncology.
Dr. Rajeev Kapoor, MS
Dr. Rajeev Kapoor, MS
Additional Director Colorectal & Gynecologic Oncology
He is the senior consultant & head of Department of Colorectal & Gynecologic Oncology.  He's the former Head of Surgery from Christian Medical College, Ludhiana
Dr. Rudra Doley, MS, MCH
Dr. Rudra Doley, MS, MCH
Senior Consultant - Gastro Intestinal Surgery
He is a M.Ch in Surgical Gastroenterology (GI Surgery) & MS in General Surgery from PGIMER, Chandigarh. He was also an Ex-Senior Resident-General Surgery at PGIMER.
Dr. Naval Bansal, MS, MCH
Dr. Naval Bansal, MS, MCH
Senior Consultant - Breast & Endocrine Surgery
He is a board certified expert in Endocrine and Breast Surgery. He did his MBBS and MS (General Surgery) from Christian Medical College Hospital, Ludhiana.
Dr. Narendra Kumar Bhalla, MD
Dr. Narendra Kumar Bhalla, MD
Additional Director Oncology - Radiation Oncology
He completed MD (Radiation Oncology) from KG Medical College, Lucknow. He has done Brachytherapy training from SGPGI, Lucknow.
Dr. Abhishek Puri
Dr. Abhishek Puri
Consultant - Radiation Oncology
He has specialised in brain and head and neck tumours. He also has a keen interest in cancer prevention, palliative care and exploring innovative uses of technology to solve healthcare challenges.
Dr. Syed Junaid
Dr. Syed Junaid
Senior Consultant, Head Nuclear Medicine - PET Scan
Dr. Arunjit Kaur
Dr. Arunjit Kaur
Senior Medical Officer - Daycare Services

Leading Cancer Care Hospital of North India


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We understand that life is precious and time is more precious as far as treatment of cancer is concerned. Getting a second opinion is just a click away.

Dr Rajeev Bedi oncologist

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